More Employers Are Finding They Need The Help Of A Professional Stress Counsellor

An employee assistance programme that features a work stress counselor helps individuals cope with the daily stresses of their jobs, and improve physical and mental health as well as overall workplace performance. It’s becoming common for large companies to employ an outside counselor to address these situations.

It’s true that most everyone experiences stress and trauma in their lives, and at different times. This can understandably effect work performance, and create stressful situations that are truly out of an employee’s control. Most don’t know where to turn, and the stress builds up and even spills over into their home life.

In 2015, much of the stress is in relation to the state of the economy. The worry to keep a job once found is plentiful. Workers have families and loved ones to provide for in addition to them. That fact alone is enough to cause someone to lose confidence, and turn to either bad habits or just simple depression. It can be extremely hard for them to climb back out of that hole.

Helping the Workplace Thrive

Psychotherapists and counselors, especially those with experience in the workplace are a great resource for companies that feel their employees are suffering may benefit from the expertise of a work stress counselor. There aren’t too many jobs where stress isn’t present, and having someone to talk to allows them to work through their feelings rather than let it build up and affect productivity.

Several recent studies show that happy workers can and do determine the success of a company. Taking the well-known company Google as an example, where employees are treated extremely well and the company continues to flourish yearly. Investing in employees’ mental health can actually help any business see an increase in yearly earnings.

The sooner an employee who is suffering from having stress-related performance issues is treated for their condition, the better. Underlying problems are typically minor in the beginning. If they are ignored they fester and grow. When managers intervene by providing a work stress counselor, it can help the employee and the company as a whole. Managers can even be coached through EAP or Employee Assistance Programme so they know how to recognize potential stress in their workers. The moment an individual demonstrates job performance issues they should be documented.

What Can Cause Workplace Stress?

A multitude of issues can cause stress both at home and work. These issues can easily and thoroughly be helped by a work stress counselor.

• Grief
• Diversity issues
• Domestic violence and harassment
• Critical incidents

These are just some of the common things that educated counselors are skilled at handling.

Stresses Created by the Workplace

As far as right in the workplace, sexual harassment is more common than one would think. Other workplace issues include budget cuts, being laid off, unexpected changes and budget and debt problems due to insufficient wages.

If an employee is faced with terminal illness in themselves or someone they care about, or the death of a loved one it could be a trigger. Counseling is available for other family members as well, in most situations.

With the support of a professional work stress counselor and a caring work environment, employees can be back to regular performance level, and be happy once again. It certainly pays to invest in employees, as they are the backbone of any type company or business, and necessary to the achieved overall success.

Employers can easily provide counseling services to their employees. Communication amongst employees and pride in the workplace can grow with help from experienced counselors like those found at London Therapy Foundation as of 2015.